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Misfit turns focus to smart home control with Nest and Spotify partnerships

Wearable startup Misfit has announced new partnerships with Nest and Spotify, allowing Misfit Flash users to set up commands to control smart home devices and services.

The new integration comes after Misfit announced its Bolt smart bulb at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which could be turned on or off through the wearable device.

In a new update, Nest, Spotify, IFTTT, Yo and Logitech controls have all been added to the Misfit Flash, allowing users to toggle different services to a certain amount of taps.

Tapping twice could start a playlist on a smartphone or sound bar, while tapping three times could turn on the Nest thermostat to a pre-set temperature. Nest controls will be automatic, showing Misfit's integration with the 'Works With Nest' platform.

The move is one of the first by a wearable to connect heavily into the smart home world, allowing users to control various services without an actual user interface. It removes the need for an LCD display on the smartwatch, but also limits the options available.

The Misfit Flash hit the news with an aggressive price point of £34.95, beating the FitBit and Jawbone wearables by a large margin. Misfit has been working on software for its companion app to make the wearable more useful.

Misfit's new move into smart home world shows it wants to move beyond the health and fitness banner FitBit and Jawbone are stuck under in wearables, which could be good for casual wearable owners.

It will be hard for other wearable manufacturers to live under the shadow of Apple and other mobile manufacturers in 2015, but Misfit could crack a niche market of fitness users not willing to pay the premium for an LCD display and applications.