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Lost your keys? Not a problem with the new smartphone door lock from Lockitron

Kickstarter startup Lockitron has announced the second edition of its smartphone door lock—the Bolt—for £65 with an additional £11 for shipping into the UK.

The deadlock is locked and unlocked through a companion mobile app, allowing the customer to stop using keys. Lockitron has went back to removing the entire deadlock, instead of working with different locks on doors.

Lockitron's original door lock was kickstarted, but due to supply issues stemming from the startup building its own components it lead to a few months delay. The original also cost £117, but moving to off-the-shelf components has lowered the price.

It seems like the startup has learned a lot from its original Kickstarter and is beginning to work on additional features users have been requesting for over a year.

The user is able to open the Lockitron Bolt using Bluetooth LE, but can also acquire the £32 Lockitron Wi-Fi adapter to open doors while away from home. This would be a good feature for B&B, hotel and student accommodation places.

Email and SMS access can also be given to friends and family, allowing a bypass on the lock. Lockitron allows the original owner to change the times a specific member can gain access through the door, like a cleaner or babysitter.

Lockitron has still not provided support to HomeKit or Works With Nest platforms, even though the startup could gain a lot of advantages by utilizing the platform.

The Internet of Things market is scheduled to become a £19 billion market by 2019 and the amount of home devices should reach over 250 million by that time as well.

U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is looking into security and privacy regulations for the smart home platform, worried that connected information stolen could cause major issues.