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Swyp will be any credit card you want it to be

Brace yourselves - another startup with no vowels is coming our way.

Behold – Swyp, a piece of metal with some buttons on it that can be any credit card, loyalty card or gift card you want it to be.

It's basically competition to Coin and Plastic, a card that can store all your credit card info for you to use when you find it necessary.

To upload the required data, the user must scan credit cards and loyalty cards with magnetic strips using a reader that is plugged into a phone’s headphone jack.

The support for scannable barcodes will be announced at a later date.

Swyp can hold a hefty bunch of information – up to 25 credit cards’ info can be stored. Coin can store eight, while Plastic can keep up to 20.

Even though the difference in size may be important, it’s not Swyp’s biggest weapon.

As Verge reports, Ash Dhodapkar, the brain behind the idea – lost his wallet once, and with it all the credit cards he owned.

As you might know, the process of blocking your credit cards and getting new ones is a painful endeavour.

That’s why Swyp shuts itself down when it’s more than six feet away from the owner (less than two meters).

The option can, of course, be turned off.

It will also have a rechargeable battery, although it’s yet unclear whether it will work with a wireless charger, and once it hits the market, will cost approximately £65 ($99).