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TalkTalk changes adult content policy with HomeSafe filters

TalkTalk has brought in a policy of blocking adult content by default for its customers, who will have to make a choice if they wish to view the likes of pornography.

The move follows Sky’s lead, another ISP which has recently switched to an opt-out policy – as opposed to the standard opt-in, where the customer has to contact the service provider and elect for the filter to be switched on.

TalkTalk’s system is called HomeSafe, and the company has slowly been working on pushing it to customers for a while now, directing users to their account settings where they have to make a choice on the filter – with the “on” option pre-checked.

The vast majority of the user base have been through this process, and made a decision, but the small number who haven’t will now be presented with a pop-up box the next time they visit a site which would be blocked by the filter.

The site will effectively be blocked, and the customer will then have to make an unavoidable choice as to whether to switch HomeSafe on, or off (with on pre-ticked, as before).

Alex Birtles, Head of External Comms at TalkTalk, commented: “This is an emotive issue. We’re proud that TalkTalk is leading that debate and we’ll continue working hard to ensure our customers maximise the benefits of being online, but have the peace of mind that we’re helping them to do it safely.”