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Twitter adds new video and messaging features in latest update

Twitter has announced two new major features on the microblogging service, alongside a slew of small fixes.

The main feature is 30 second videos are now available and can be monetized through Twitter's own advertising platform. The new monetization should bring a new form of advertising revenue, if its video platform becomes popular.

30 second videos almost defeat the purpose of Vine, currently capped at 7 seconds. Even Instagram Video falls short with 15 second video limits, but some content creators seem happy with the boundaries.

Twitter believes Vine and its own video platform can co-exist together, allowing content creators the choice. It is a little weird Twitter has video limits at all, considering it could have taken a bite of YouTube's own content.

Having 30 seconds of video should allow celebrities, organisations and other Twitter accounts to post updates. News stories may be filmed in under thirty seconds, giving a brief oversight of the issue with a link to a written post.

The second feature coming to the microblogging website is group messages, something Twitter has been holding off for some time. The update comes a few months after Twitter updated direct messaging to include photos.

Twitter still seems invested in its own DM service, instead of investing in a more robust platform. Twitter claims its messaging platform is unique due to the connections found on Twitter, something another messaging service could not replicate.

The update comes after a small update to the live-feed, showing a 'What You Missed' segment at the top of the feed if you have been offline for a while.