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5 game-changing benefits that a cloud PBX solution can deliver

More and more businesses are opting to replace their traditional phone system with a cloud-based solution, which can bring enterprise PBX-style features to SMBs at a considerably lower comparative cost.

If you’re directly responsible for managing your business’ phone system, you’ll know that it can be a complete headache. If you’re looking for a new system, reducing the level of management and set up involved is going to be a high priority.

But moving to a true cloud PBX system opens the door to multiple bonus effects for the rest of your business too. Here are five benefits that show how cloud PBX better serves your connected customers, and how you and your entire business can benefit from it.

1. A system to put your faith in

Many businesses still have a mistrust of cloud solutions, which is understandable because it can feel like you’re handing over control of a mission-critical business function. However, in reality there is no more risk in putting your phone system in the cloud than there is in buying your electricity from the power company rather than running your own in-house generator!

A good provider will give the contractual and service agreement reassurance you need to ensure your cloud-based communications will never let you down.

2. A mobile workforce

In today’s world, businesses are no longer defined by their location. Employees are increasingly working across multiple offices, off-site or at home. A cloud-based system will make sure that your employees are always available wherever they are based. Choose a system that allows mobile workers to work remotely, whilst being fully integrated into the company’s existing infrastructure. This means mobile workers are getting the same experience as those working in the bricks and mortar of the office.

3. Multichannel at no extra cost to you

With a good cloud-based telephony system, your employee will be contactable via multiple channels, whatever their location - at no extra cost to you. If they are available they can be reached by IM, video and the landline phone number, whether they are in the office or not.

If you have a customer service operation, this can be a game-changer there too, allowing your customers to use whichever channel they choose, and still get the same seamless communication.

4. Simple scalability for your company – no matter how big it gets

Traditional phone systems are limited by how many users they can handle, as well as how many lines you have purchased from your provider. Your cloud PBX solution can expand, allowing you to add or remove users as necessary, for example, to add a new member of staff without having to install a new phoneline. This means significantly less hassle if you are a fast-growing business, or one that has to scale up or down to deal with seasonal peaks, supporting your fluctuating workforce with ease.

5. You are prepared for the future

One of the less-appreciated benefits of cloud-based solutions is that users are buying into constant innovation at no extra cost, with new features added regularly and made available to all users within the standard charges – your system is being constantly being upgraded and you don’t even have to leave your desk for the updates!

By David Ford, MD of Magnetic North