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Acer hoping to spice up Windows Phone options at MWC

The Windows Phone catalogue is short on options. Apart from the Nokia/Microsoft smartphone, the HTC One M8 and a few low-end Huawei entries, there isn't much in the way of variety.

Acer is looking to spice the offerings up a bit with some new Windows Phone, to be launched at Mobile World Congress (MWC) on 1 March.

Acer’s CEO Jason Chen confirmed that Windows Phone devices would be coming to the event, but all of the phones announced at the event will be entry-level devices for developing markets.

The entry-level market is Windows Phone's most popular segment, making waves in India, Latin America and Eastern Europe. However it still only equates to 2.5 per cent of the total mobile market share.

Investing in a high-end Windows Phone doesn't make sense in the current climate, when the same smartphone running Android would do much better on the market. HTC did the smart thing: ported the existing M8 and slapped Windows Phone on it.

Acer has not seen much success in the mobile market so far, apart from Taiwan and other parts of South-East Asia, its Android range is hardly recognised amongst the other brands on the market.

This might be reason enough for Acer to try out Windows Phone, and take a punt at another platform. Microsoft may also be offering monetary payment for Acer's partnership on Windows Phone.

Samsung is reportedly working on a Windows Phone, but the same rumors floated around last year to no avail.

Microsoft is planning to rollout Windows 10 on its phones, blending the two platforms together to allow universal app development.

This could draw more OEM partners to work with Microsoft, considering Windows still pulls millions of buyers.