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Alaska Airlines sides with Microsoft to improve in-flight entertainment

In December, Alaska Airlines debuted its new project: Alaska Beyond Experience, which included more delicious food and beverages, more comfortable seats, and personal power at every seat.

However, yesterday the airline announced that Alaska Beyond will now also feature free in-flight entertainment.

In-flight Entertainment will include complimentary content such as music, digital magazines, Xbox games, a number premium movies and TV shows, and easy Internet access, of course.

And starting 1 February 1, they will bring the entire experience to a whole new level thanks to Inflight Entertainment tablets powered by Microsoft.

However, to those not interested in renting tablets on their flight, the entire content can still be delivered to their personal devices, as Alaska’s flight are usually WiFi-equipped.

Hopefully, all Alaska Airline’s planes will be equipped with rentable tablets by April 2015, and their customers could enjoy them for the price of $8-10 (£5-7), while first class and MVP Gold75Ks (Alaska Airline’s premium) customers will be able to enjoy Microsoft's tablets at no additional cost.

In the words of Halle Hutchison, Alaska’s managing director of brand marketing, this company is very well aware of its customers’ needs, and that’s why it is always looking to improve the in-flight experience: "Our customers tell us they love our new, free, in-flight entertainment service, and we're listening.

“We're excited to continue offering our premium content – like mainstream movies and TV to reward customers for trying out Alaska Beyond Entertainment,"

All content will be complimentary through March, but starting 1 April, the premium movies and TV shows can be purchased for $1.99 (£1.30) and higher.

Image Credit: Microsoft News