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Exploding Kittens card game breaks records on Kickstarter

When Matt Inman, the author of The Oatmeal, joined forced with Elan Lee and Shane Small to create a deck of pretty ridiculous cards that involve unicorn enchiladas and kittens who tend to explode, it probably never crossed his mind that this particular project could become the greatest in the history of Kickstarter.

But, that is exactly what happened.

Within the first 20 minutes on Kickstarter, the Exploding Kittens card game reached 100 per cent of its $10,000 (£6,600) goal. After the first hour, they made it to 1000 per cent of the goal and the numbers have kept growing steadily since.

After only one day, they had more than 2 million dollars pledged, and had to start announcing their stretch goals. After 2 days, they were the #1 most funded card game ever, but the fun wasn’t over.

On Monday, they officially became the biggest game campaign in the history of Kickstarter, with as much as 100 000 backers.

Which meant that their original NSFW expansion pack (yes, NSFW, as unicorn enchiladas are so work-friendly) just became a stand-alone, playable deck.

Now, with 21 more days to go, they are slowly heading towards having 120,000 backers, and there has been over 4.6 million dollars (over £3,000,000) pledged so far, which is beyond what any of the creators imagined.

Most of the backers pledged for the reward that includes the NSFW cards, for which you have to pledge at least $35 (roughly £23), but only 7 000 pledged for original deck only, for which you’d have to pledge at least $20 (around £13).

However, the collector’s deck and ”The Deck of Legends” (which included signature decks and some more unique cards) have all been gone during the first 24 hours.