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Plastic-less Samsung Galaxy S6 expected for launch at MWC

As the South Korean tech giant makes plans for improving its sales after a lackluster last quarter, it seems that we certainly have something to look forward to.

In Samsung’s last financial report, apart from the expected information, there is something else to excited any fans of Samsung devices.

Apparently, the firm is about to ditch the polycarbonate materials we've all got used to and switch to something more up to date.

It seems Samsung noticed the positive feedback it received after releasing the A3, A5, and A7, which are the first Samsung devices with an all-metal shell (Note 4 had only metal edges).

This time, it will be the Galaxy S6 that will get more premium. That would confirm the previous rumors saying that S6 would gain all metal and glass body, which would naturally put it in the same premium basket with Sony Xperia Z3 flagship.

We can agree that this is something Samsung’s handsets have needed for quite some time now, seeing how well HTC, Sony, and Apple users are satisfied with the overall premium experience, and seem to not mind the changes in price.

However, what most of us hope to see is Samsung introducing premium materials without having to sacrifice Galaxy S6’s expandable storage and removable battery. That would without a doubt force many Samsung fans to turn to turn away from Samsung’s devices.

Samsung also announced that they would release less handsets and tablets over the next few years; and also that Samsung Galaxy S6 is most likely to be revealed in Barcelona during Mobile World Congress in March.