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Pouting passport selfies coming to Ireland for EU travellers

Selfie lovers, rejoice! For the first time ever, your passion has a useful side as well.

Officials have announced a new passport card that can be used to travel around the EU. It wouldn't be such a big deal if the photo on the card wasn't a selfie.

The new card, which will become available from mid-July in Ireland, will allow travellers to make trips around the 28 nations of the EU, plus Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein.

The new service will make losing a passport during a trip much less of a problem, and it will cost €35 (£26).

To apply for the card, a candidate must upload his or her selfie over the computer or using the smartphone app. After submitting the payment, their card will be sent out.

The card will be valid for the period of five years.

Pocket lint writes that this is the first time ever a self-taken photograph has been used in any form of official identification, and adds that the card will be for those Irish citizens that already have a passport and are over 18.

Digital Trends reports that the passport card could be a first step in digitising all identification documents.

"Should the scheme prove successful, selfies could be approved for use on other official documents, provided it’s taken using a dedicated and approved smartphone app,“ it writes.

The announcement also links into new reports Delaware plans to introduce a digital driving licence in 2016, which unlike the selfie passport, wouldn't be accompanied by a physical version at all.