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Simplify your company's mobility management

Mobile device strategy, especially if it involves BYOD, can mean having to manage a wide range of devices and operating systems.

That makes it difficult for IT departments to find a single solution to do the job.

Now though, secure mobility specialist Good Technology is launching its Good Management Suite, a comprehensive cross-platform solution for organisations getting started with mobile business initiatives.

"As mobility continues to assume a larger role in the enterprise, organisations need to plan for both their current and future mobile needs," says John Herrema, senior vice president of product management at Good Technology.

"By delivering a comprehensive cloud-based Enterprise Mobility Management solution, we are ensuring that organisations have access to a simple solution that expands as their mobile initiatives evolve".

Good Management Suite is a cloud-based solution that can be installed and configured quickly. It provides a unified solution to simplify the deployment of mobile devices across an enterprise.

Unlike traditional MDM products, Good Management Suite is designed to adapt to an organisation's growing and changing mobile needs.

It can be used in conjunction with other Good Enterprise Mobility Management products for maximum flexibility, while simplifying management of these environments through a single management console called Good Control.

"The rising complexity of the mobile landscape is forcing many organisations to examine how MDM products can integrate with broader mobile management capabilities," says Stacy Crook, research director, mobile enterprise at research company IDC.

"While standalone MDM products used to be the entry point, organisations are now looking for more comprehensive EMM solutions with flexible deployment options. We believe this shift is indicative of the growing sophistication of mobility strategies within these organisations".

For more information on Good Technology's mobile management solutions you can visit the company's website.

Image Credit: jannoon028 / Shutterstock