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Apple Watch due to launch in April: but not in the UK?

Earlier this week, we received confirmation from Apple about its new smartwatch launching in April – but it seems this might not be the case for the UK market.

The news for the April shipping date came from the horse’s mouth, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, during a conference call. Previously it had been thought by some that the device might ship a bit earlier than that, but Cupertino has apparently had to work (and still is working) pretty hard to bring the battery longevity up to a decent standard.

However, things aren’t as clear cut as a simple April launch for everywhere though – as Digital Arts contacted Apple to check whether this date applied to the UK, and was told by a spokesperson: “We haven’t announced which countries will launch in April yet”.

So, the UK might not be one of the countries which gets the device off the bat in April – particularly given that the UK website says the Apple Watch is arriving simply “in 2015”, as opposed to the US site which states “early 2015”. Why would Apple make that snippet of text any different, unless there was a delay for us?

We’ll see, but it could be the case that it’s US-only during April, with other markets following on – with a launch date potentially further out than that month. The UK should certainly be high up the list, though, after the States.

There’s still somewhat concerning news on the battery front as well, with a recent report indicating that while Apple is targeting 19 hours of mixed (active and passive) usage, it might not hit that target with the first incarnation of the device.

That’s okay, though, because then one of the big selling points of the Apple Watch 2 can be the battery life…