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Creator of SBTV backs Ideas Britain to inspire new entrepreneurs

Jamal Edwards, the creator of hit YouTube channel SBTV, has backed a new platform called 'Ideas Britain', focused on giving entrepreneurs the chance of success.

Ideas Britain will invest in ideas whether the creator has proof-of-concept or not, letting entrepreneurs spend money hiring talent to make the idea a reality.

Over 40 per cent of British people believe they have an idea that could change the world, but only 16 per cent go forward with the idea, citing lack of confidence or funding to make it possible.

“One amazing idea can kick-start a global business, but the first steps are often the hardest." said Edwards. "There are thousands of people out there with an idea like I had, but they have no idea how to get going.

"This is why I’m backing Ideas Britain: it’s a chance for people to get help and feedback right at the beginning, when it matters most."

Ideas can be uploaded via mobile and a community of investors and specialists will give advice and potentially invest in the project.

A team of engineers from London have already received backing for an iPhone case with retractable headphones and plenty of other projects are being considered.

New Collective, a company created by 29-year old Emily Karatay, provides consultancy to young people and has received backing from Mary Portas.

“Ideas Britain is Monopoly for the mobile generation – but with the chance of hitting a real jackpot." Adam Shaw, founder and CEO of Ideas Britain said.

"It is designed with young people in mind: people who may not have access to commercial contacts and funding, but who almost certainly have access to a mobile phone."