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Huawei confirms Ascend P8 launch date

Huawei has been revealing a lot of dates at an event in Shenzhen, including the launch date of its first wearable, tablet and the new Ascend P8.

Unlike the wearable and tablet, Huawei will not bring the Ascend P8 to Mobile World Congress (MWC) on 1 March, instead holding an event in London on 15 April.

Details on the Ascend P8 are slim, although we can expect Huawei to cut the size and weight from the predecessor to make it one of the thinnest smartphones in the world.

Huawei has often times went with a less powerful setup to lower the cost of the device, meaning it is unlikely we will see the Snapdragon 810 or 4GB of RAM on the Ascend P8.

It is interesting that Huawei is still trying in the West, considering Europe and the U.S. have not been interested in Huawei's previous smartphones. The U.S. has been even less interested in Huawei's networking business, claiming the company is working with the Chinese government for private sector surveillance.

The Ascend P8 will most likely run Huawei's own brand Android skin, another feature fans in the West don't seem to like. This could be a bad idea in 2015, when Samsung and HTC are both scaling back their skin designs to fit with stock Android.