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4K display "compromise" doesn't sit well with Huawei

Chinese smartphone maker Huawei has given its thoughts on the new 4K displays potentially coming in 2015, claiming the panels would be too battery life dependant to be worth the trade-offs.

4K displays would fit twice the pixels inside, but Huawei claims on a mobile phone screen that is a very minor upgrade, while the battery life on the mobile would drop severely.

“The power consumption would be so huge that your phone would last just half a day,” according to Kevin Ho, president of Huawei’s handset product line.“Maybe we have to compromise.

“Maybe we have to compromise. For huge screens 4K is very good but for the smartphone it is 5-inch or 6-inch at the very most. Maybe our eye’s can’t tell the difference."

These views have been echoed time and time again in the resolution debate, starting when 1080p display were first unveiled, and everyone claimed 720p was good enough.

This time, it might actually be true, considering the difference between a 32-inch 2K and 4K display is negligible at best. If we port the resolution down to a 5-inch display, it will be even less prevalent.

The battery life complaint is quite unjustified by Huawei though, considering every year new battery improvements come to mobile, making it possible to add higher resolution panels.

The real debate for 2015 will be how much do we really need 4K displays on mobile, and at the current cost is it not worth investing in new sensors and battery upgrades instead.

Huawei has not ruled out adding 4K displays in the future either, clearly showing the potential of a swing in resolution over 2015 and 2016 to even higher resolution panels.