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Smartphone case maker Mophie leads the way in Super Bowl ad battle

Apparently, God uses a smartphone, and his smartphone can run out of battery.

No, this obviously isn't written in the New Testament, it's a commercial made by smartphone case maker Mophie.

The ad will be aired during the Super Bowl's commercial breaks.

The American Super Bowl is a place where the biggest brands compete who will have the best and the most creative commercial, and more often than not – those ads are the number one topic of all water-cooler discussions for weeks to come.

However, the Super Bowl is not exclusively a place for the likes of Budweiser, Pepsi or Volkswagen, as Mophie has shown.

The ad, which some media already call possibly the best Super Bowl ad of the year, shows what could happen if God’s smartphone ever ran out of battery.

Well, the Apocalypse, of course!

Mophie has shown quite nicely what an apocalypse might look like: reversed gravity, the atmosphere leaking into space, dogs leading humans on a leash, priests stealing TV sets while the police silently watch.

And, if we’re to believe the creator, all of that might have been avoided if only God had enough battery in his smartphone. Or to be precise, if only He had used Mophie’s smartphone case.

Mophie said it generated $215 million (£142 million) in revenue in 2013, but declined to disclose 2014 revenue. It is well known in the smartphone accessory world, but not outside of it.

"We're not only a new brand, but a new category in general," said Ross Howe, Mophie's VP-marketing for

"What better stage to come out to the world than the Super Bowl?"