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Surface Pro 4 rumoured specs do the rounds online

Rumours are starting to pop up concerning the next in the Surface Pro line, with the new hybrid machine expected to be launched this year – and with some alleged tech specs now emerging.

Apparently the Surface Pro 4 will likely run Windows 10 (naturally) and come with a 2160 x 1440 resolution display, with up to 16GB of RAM and 1TB of storage, along with Xbox game streaming for those who want to do some relaxing as well as work on their device (according to Techie News).

Redmond is also possibly going to release two versions, one which keeps the screen size the same as the Surface Pro 3 (pictured above), and another which offers a bigger display for better productivity usage (it won’t hurt for a bit of gaming, either). The latter will, of course, square off against Apple’s rumoured iPad Pro, too.

It makes sense that the next Surface model will be out this year, given that Microsoft has just announced that it is ceasing production of Surface 2 tablets. Whether that includes the Pro 2 model isn’t clear – however, Redmond would seem to be clearing the decks for a newcomer, and indeed probably preparing to ditch Windows RT for good.

This year will certainly be an interesting one for Windows and Microsoft’s hardware, that’s for sure.