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Whitepaper: Orchestration simplifies and streamlines virtual and cloud data centre management

Virtualisation, cloud computing, and the consumerisation of IT continue to drive fundamental shifts in data centre management priorities. Many organisations are implementing multi-hypervisor architectures and hybrid public and private cloud strategies. Converged systems integrate servers, storage, networks, and software to optimise the performance of specific workloads and simplify system deployment and operations. Yet, traditional data centre architectures continue to support many mission-critical business applications. This Technology Spotlight examines how advanced automation and orchestration solutions are helping IT data centre operations teams effectively manage increasingly complex enterprise computing environments. It also looks at IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator as an example of a solution that is addressing these emerging IT management priorities.

Industry Trends: Dynamic, Heterogeneous Data Centres Demand Advanced Management Solutions
IDC believes enterprise IT is in the midst of a highly disruptive transition away from client/server based architectures toward much more dynamic and agile environments enabled by cloud, big data, social technologies, and mobility. IDC's research indicates that the typical North American IT decision maker expects the combined cost of buying and managing public and private cloud resources will consume approximately half of his or her IT budget by 2016. The average number of virtual machines (VMs) per physical server doubled from 5–6 VMs in 2008 to 9–10 VMs in 2012 in mature customer accounts. Multi-hypervisor infrastructures are becoming more common.

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