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Apple Watch gold edition so pricey, it’ll need to be kept in a safe

We’ve all heard the speculation about how expensive the higher-end models of the Apple Watch are going to be, and the gold version of the smartwatch is expected to be extremely pricey – an assertion backed up by the latest move Apple has made in its retail stores in preparation for the arrival of the device.

Yes, Cupertino is apparently installing safes in its shops to keep the gold watch safe from thieves, such is its value.

This story comes from 9 to5 Mac’s sources, which reckon Apple is having customised safes installed and fitted with MagSafe chargers to keep demo devices charged up overnight. Demo units and shop stock of the golden Apple Watch will be kept in the safes overnight.

While the base model of the smartwatch starts at a relatively affordable $349 (£230), the gold edition is rumoured to be pitched around the $4,000 to $5,000 mark (£2,700 to £3,300), so it’s no wonder Apple is wanting to find a secure environment for the things. Even the stainless steel version of the device could run from $500 to $1000 (£330 to £660).

Whatever the exact prices turn out to be, Apple will be carving out its usual premium profit margin, you can bet on that.

The Apple Watch is set for launch in April in the US, though it might take longer to reach the UK as we reported last week.