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Daily deal: Lenovo YOGA 3 Pro laptop £999.99

And so we march into February, Sunday must've been a fun night for all you guys and gals doing "dry January". Today we've found the Lenovo YOGA 3 Pro reduced from £1299.99 to £999.99

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The Lenovo YOGA 3 Pro is the third iteration of Lenovo's popular YOGA series of ultrabooks that's main selling point is that the screen rotates 360 degrees effectively turning the device from a laptop to a tablet.

Because it's an ultrabook from 2014 you'd expect some impressive specs and the Lenovo YOGA 3 doesn't disappoint:

  • Intel® Core™ M-70 processor
  • Integrated Intel Graphics chip
  • 256GB SSD
  • 13.3" 3,200 x 1,800 pixel IPS screen
  • 1.19 kg
  • 12.8 mm thick

With 8GB of RAM and an SSD you'll blast around this ultrabook, combined with the Intel M-70 processor (which was released late 2014) speed won't be an issue. The Intel M-70 uses Intel's latest Broadwell architecture which has allowed the Lenovo YOGA Pro 3 to be thinner and more power-efficient than it's predecessor.

The screen is another stand-out feature of the device with a huge 3,200 x 1,800 resolution screen, coupled with the fact that it's an IPS means better colours and wider viewing angles. The wider-viewing angles are a must as you'll be surprised with how useful the "gimmick" of the device is, from conference calls to presentations you can find the best position for the ultrabook.

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