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Dramatic Super Bowl XLIX breaks records on Twitter

The dust has settled following the Super Bowl XLIX game between Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots, and now it's time to count the survivors.

As usual, Twitter was first to react, posting various stats on how the game played out on the microblogging network.

In the blog post it says, among other things, that this was the biggest Super Bowl yet in terms of tweets sent, and that the actual ending of the game wasn't as interesting as a detail 20 seconds before the end.

It also reported on who were the most mentioned players, as well as Twitter’s reactions to Katy Perry’s halftime performance.

“Over 28.4 million global Tweets containing terms related to the game and halftime show were sent during the live telecast (from kickoff through 30 minutes after the clock expired). #SB49 was the most Tweeted @SuperBowl ever, surpassing last year’s game,” it says in the blog post.

Last year's Super Bowl generated 24.9 million tweets.

The moment that sparked the biggest conversations on Twitter happened 20 seconds before the end, when Malcolm Butler intercepted a pass by Russell Wilson 1 yard from the goal line, effectively winning the game for the Patriots.

That moment alone generated 395,000 tweets per minute. The ending of the game generated 379,000 tweets per minute.

Katy Perry, who turned into a giant emoji during her halftime performance, generated 284,000 tweets per minute when it ended, while Tom Brady and Marshawn Lynch were among the most mentioned Patriots and Seahawks players, respectively.

Twitter also produced an extremely cool interactive map showing where tweets were coming from throughout the game which is definitely worth a look.

More details on how the Super Bowl played out on Twitter can be found on this link.

Image Credit: Twitter/@NFL