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EA Sport's Madden 15 video game correctly predicts Super Bowl XLIX score

Video games can be a fun way to simulate the big game, but EA Sports has went a step further and successfully simulated a near perfect re-run of the Super Bowl XLIX on Madden 15.

The re-run managed to predict the exact result and score, 28-24 to the New York Patriots, with near perfect timings for all of the touchdowns.

In the simulation, the Seattle Seahawks took an early lead and held it until the last half, similar to the actual game, but lost in the last quarter.

Madden 15 also predicted Quarterback Tom Brady would be named the MVP (most valuable player) and manage four touchdowns. The only part Madden 15 got slightly wrong was how many yards Brady would cover, overshooting the actual 328 by 7 yards.

It is not the only virtual platform guessing right, Microsoft's virtual assistant Cortana also predicted the Patriots to win, but did not give any of the specific predictions Madden 15 went on to predict correctly.

The actual Super Bowl XLIX pulled in 110 million viewers worldwide, all watching the tense battle between the Patriots and Seahawks. The Patriots managed to take the lead with two minutes left, and very nearly lost it with a 20 second goal-line save from Cornerback Malcolm Butler.

It is the Patriot's first Super Bowl win in a decade and their fourth overall, putting them third on the most Super Bowl titles behind the Pittsburgh Steelers with six and the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers with five wins.

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