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Apple plans bond sale, investors clamouring for a piece of the action

Apple is looking to rake in some more cash, and is planning another bond sale, with demand being so high that it’s likely to flog off more than the company initially thought.

A filing spotted by the Guardian indicated that Apple will sell a variety of bonds with maturities as short as five years, running up to 30 years, with the original plan apparently being to flog $5 billion (£3.3 billion) worth. However, demand has been high and it is believed Cupertino will actually sell as much as $6.5 billion (£4.3 billion).

Mind you, that’s still relative small fry compared to some of Apple’s previous bond sell-offs, the biggest of which was back in 2013 when $17 billion (£11.3 billion) was sold.

This round of cash raising will be overseen by Deutsche Bank and Goldman Sachs.

Apple is, of course, considered a pretty safe investment (and rated highly by experts) given the mountain of cash it’s sat on, and the booming sales of the iPhone 6 haven’t done the firm’s reputation any harm of late. It only remains to be seen what the Apple Watch can do this year – and while we still don’t believe the time is quite right for a major smartwatch success, if anyone can achieve that, it’s Apple.

Apple posted record revenue and profit (again) for the first quarter of fiscal 2015 recently, with revenue hitting $74.6 billion (£49 billion), up almost a third on last year, and profit rising to $18 billion (£11.8 billion).

As well as the Apple Watch this year, the company is also strongly rumoured to be introducing a new larger iPad to try and rekindle tablet sales, the iPad Pro. The iPad has been the company’s weak point of late, with sales falling off as folks don’t replace tablets nearly as often as phones.

Darren Allan

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