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Nest boasts that studies prove its smart thermostat saves money

The Nest learning thermostat does save you money, and will pay for itself, the Google-owned company has claimed, pointing to independent studies for evidence.

Nest cited two studies carried out by third-parties (in Oregon and Indiana), and one it conducted internally itself, which showed that US customers made considerable savings on their heating bills thanks to the smart thermostats.

In fact, averaging out the three studies, users saved between 10 and 12 per cent on their heating bills. They saved even more on their cooling bills – for air conditioning in the summer, not something we have to worry about this side of the pond – with 15 per cent savings made on average.

Nest crunched these savings stats to come up with an estimated average of $131 to $145 (about £85 to £95) saved every year – so the company boasts that the device will effectively pay for itself in less than two years.

Nest concluded its blog post on the matter by stating: “The proof is in the numbers. And the numbers are in the Nest Thermostat Energy Savings White Paper. It’s not the most riveting read, but with it we can finally say something our customers have been saying for years: the Nest Learning Thermostat saves energy.”