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Zepp golf wearable adds Insights to decipher incoming data

Zepp, a clip-on wearable device that records the user’s golf, baseball and tennis swings, now offers insights that help the wearer improve on his or her technique.

The update to the app now takes all the data recorded during practice sessions and turns it into a weekly report, which can help players improve their skills by offering various insights to their playing style.

After recording and sorting out the data, the new feature named Zepp Insights offers different sets of tutorials and drills to help the player improve his skill.

“Wearable sports technology is advancing each year, and our goal is to provide analysis that not only collects numbers from the sensor, but offers ways to improve those numbers through content in our app. We’re turning data into actual coachable intelligence,” said Jason Fass, CEO of Zepp (opens in new tab).

“Wearables in sports are becoming an essential resource for training, and we need to engage and elevate athletes by personalising tips gleaned from their captured data.”

As Wareable writes (opens in new tab), these new features show a shift in the wearables industry, where people get tired of the devices very fast, then throw them away.

The Guardian also recently reported (opens in new tab)that one third of all customers abandon their wearable devices.

In a bid to make people hold on to their wearables for much longer and actually find the useful longer, manufacturers are putting the emphasis on deciphering data.

“Offering proper analysis is one way to ensure devices aren’t abandoned”, Wareable writes.

It looks as analysing data from wearable devices will be the biggest goal for manufacturers in 2015.

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