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10 essential tools and apps to manage your freelance business

Having the correct tools is the key to running any business.

Whether you have just started your freelance business or have vested many years into one, you will find that managing the functions is a lot simpler when you have certain tools.

Today, you’ll find these tools in the form of online software and apps. A lot of freelancers today are finding a variety of apps to be great for managing time, employees and projects.

Whatever tasks you have to complete to maintain your freelance business, check out these 10 tools and apps to see how they can help make your life easier.

1. Handle Your Business Finances with Wave Accounting

With this handy cloud-based app, you’re given access to the tools you need to create and manage invoices, accounting, payroll, payments and even personal finance.

Wave Accounting (opens in new tab) is ideal for entrepreneurs, freelancers and contractors. If you have a small business that’s 9 people or less, then this app would be ideal for you.

It is designed to be easy-to-use and intuitive, so there’s no confusion and users can jump right into.

2. Have Mobile Conferences with UberConference

With the UberConference (opens in new tab) app, you can quickly and easily connect with clients and colleagues using any mobile device.

This can be used to hold conference calls or group chats. It can be downloaded and used on your smartphone, tablet or PC.

3. Manage Personal Finances with Manilla App

Taking care of your personal finances is just as important as handling your business finances.

As a freelance business, it’s important that you learn how to separate your personal life from your business, and the same goes with finances.

With Manilla App (opens in new tab), you can manage your personal bills, financial accounts, loyalty programs and coupons. According to its creators, the app is just as secure as using any bank.

4. Backup Files in the Cloud with CX 

When you’re a freelancer, you have to worry about backing up your files and work.

This can be done using services like Dropbox (opens in new tab), but this only allows you a limited amount of space for file storage and sharing before you have to pay. With CX, you can get 10 GB of space free of charge.

5. Automatically Backup Files with Mozy

Having your files consistently backed up is important for preventing data loss. However, it’s easy to get consumed by work, causing you to forget to backup your important files.

This can be countered by using the app called Mozy (opens in new tab), which will automatically backup all of your data for you and allows you mobile and Web access to it.

6. Create Online To-Do Lists with Wunderlist

Freelance businesses that receive lots of projects monthly can make use of the Wunderlist (opens in new tab) app to keep things in order.

You can use it for yourself or even invite or add people to your lists and even assign tasks to them. And you can sync it across all platforms.

7. Collaborate Online Using Trello

With this free tool, you can easily create and organise lists, boards and cards. Trello (opens in new tab) can be viewed as a business whiteboard that’s commonly used for projects.

You can create to-do lists and mark them as “doing” or “done.” You are also able to attach photos and files, as needed for a particular collaboration. All changes are made in real time.

8. Share Presentations Online with SlideShare

When you need to showcase your ideas to clients, you can easily do so with slide shows.

But rather than emailing them, you can instead share them online using the SlideShare (opens in new tab) app.

You can also use this app to show potential customers how your services can be used to benefit them, possibly winning you more business.

9. Get to Know Your Clients with Falcon

Rather than just saving your clients’ email, name, number and address in your contacts, you can create a more in-depth database using Falcon (opens in new tab).

This will allow you to add small details about each of the clients, so that you can remember and possibly impress them when it comes time to close a deal. This is a browser app that can be used for your email and social media accounts.

10. Manage Client Relationships with Contactually

It can’t be stressed enough the importance of maintaining client relationships, which is why the Contactually (opens in new tab) app is a great tool.

It can be used to prompt you when it’s time to take action and even tracks your progress. This works on social media as well.