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Daily Mail succeeds online but print still on the decline

Printed media continues to lose battle after battle in the war against digital media, and Daily Mail is proof of yet another defeat for the print.

Daily Mail's publisher Daily Mail and General Trust (DMGT) reported "results in line with expectations“, when it comes to digital media, print and advertising revenues in the newspaper business.

DMGT said its revenue for the first quarter to the end of December was £476m, meaning it went up one per cent compared to the previous year.

DMG media, a consumer media business which includes the Daily Mail newspaper, reported revenues of £190m, an underlying decline of two per cent, with circulation revenue falling four per cent.

On the other hand, digital advertising revenue for MailOnline, also property of DMGT, rose 21 per cent to £18m in the quarter, while print advertising revenue fell 10 per cent to £48m.

DMGT has invested heavily in building up MailOnline, which now has 120 dedicated journalists in its New York newsroom,Telegraph reports, and the results are clearly visible.

MailOnline's global monthly unique browsers in December went up 38 million, to a total of 200 million.

Another site owned by the DMGT is Wowcher, a discount coupon website, and the group says it now has 6.3 million subscribers, bringing up the digital advertising profits 36 per cent.

According to, ad revenue in print reached its peak in 2006, and has been declining ever since, while online ad revenue has shown steady growth.