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Google adds mortgage calculator to search engine

Google is increasingly putting its proverbial fingers in more pies, and it has just broke new ground in terms of its search engine, adding a mortgage calculator to help you crunch the numbers when you’re looking at a new house.

Venturebeat spotted that the feature is rolling out now, for desktop and mobile browsers, over in the States – but it’s US-only for the moment (there’s no reason why it shouldn’t come to the UK, though).

You can simply ask Google questions such as: “How much can I borrow at $200 a month?” or “At 5% APR how much can I borrow over 10 years?”

Google will then spit out the details, allowing you to easily adjust things like the interest rate and mortgage length, with the total cost of the mortgage and monthly payments displayed.

Check out the image above which shows a couple of sample use cases on an Android handset.

Google announced the launch of the service on Google+, with some folks saying they still can’t get it quite yet over in the US – it would seem to be a gradual rollout over there.

There have, of course, been plenty of suggestions from the denizens of Google+ to add further functionality to cater for, say, car loans – and one user helpfully said: “Build an app that slaps people in the face if they try to take a loan they clearly can't afford.”