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Pebble has sold a million smartwatches, reveals plans for 2015

Even though Samsung's Galaxy Gear smartwatch has been on the market for quite some time now, and Apple's Watch is coming any day now, everyone's most lovable smartwatch doesn't come from the smartphone and tech giants – it comes from a once small Kickstarter campaign Pebble.

On 31 December 2014, the company shipped its one millionth Pebble watch, more than double of what they reported in March – showing that lower prices and better upgrades mean better sales and more profit.

In an exclusive interview with The Verge, Pebble’s CEO Eric Migicovsky revealed some of the plans the company has for 2015, and those include new watches, and a brand new OS, unlike anything we have today.

While other smartwatches tend to be a smaller version of the smartphones, with similar apps and style of use, Pebble’s new software will apparently be completely different.

"We’ve found a new framework to use as an interaction model on the watch," says Migicovsky, adding that apps won’t be the focus of the new OS, even though they will remain present.

"It doesn't look like what we have today, and it doesn't look like what's on your smartphone," he said.

The company used the momentum it had in 2014 to expand the workforce and the workload, and to prepare for 2015. In such spirits, they increased the number of employees from 30 to 100, and brought abroad the team behind LG’s WebOS TV.

With the new Pebble coming this year, and Apple’s Watch already announced for April, it seems as 2015 will be a big year for smartwatches.