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Whitepaper: Business Risk - Effective technology protecting your business

Over the past five years, companies of all sizes have been under increased pressure to improve IT efficiency and effectiveness. This is especially true for small and midsize businesses (SMBs) that have fewer than 1,000 employees but must match larger company competitors in managing their on-premise resources (most notably x86 serves) as efficiently as possible in order to support the constantly evolving business processes necessary for success. While advanced cloud and mobile resources are an increasingly important part of IT environments, core infrastructure technology continues to be the foundation for SMB IT performance.

Automation of maintenance procedures - ranging from proactive monitoring of hardware components to single-pane-of-glass control consoles - is an effective way to combat these IT staff costs. While automation does not eliminate all maintenance costs, it is a leverage point to drive down operational expenditures (opex) on an ongoing basis.

Efforts to reduce manual processes traditionaly used by T staff will directly result in operational cost reductions; therefore, technologies aimed at automating repetitive tasks are well-suited to address these customer pain points. The effects of attacking these costs could be dramatic: Significantly reducing costs would both transform the way today's datacentres work and reduce opex for a wide array of customer sites.

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