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Apple undercuts Spotify in Beats Music power-play

Apple has been working on a new version of Beats Music since the $3 billion (£1.97 billion) acquisition of Beats Electronics on June 2014, looking to replace the existing music streaming service.

News on the Beats Music re-launch has been scarce, but in a new report from 9to5mac, the development is apparently in turmoil due to indecision and executive conflict.

The new Beats Music service will integrate with the Music app on iOS, and should offer iTunes downloads to boost Apple's failing music business.

Apple will also work on an Apple TV and Android version of Beats Music, surprising considering Apple's lack of cross-platform support for iTunes and iMessage.

Windows Phone and web applications are out of the question for now, Apple considers both platforms undeserving of a port due to low usage on the former and low interest on the latter.

Apple still has good connections with the music industry through iTunes, and has reportedly managed to sway the major labels to a £7.99 per month rate, £2 lower than Spotify Pro or Google Play All Access.

The development has not been smooth however, iTunes vice president Robert Kondrk is running the show, but various Ian Rogers, co-founder Jimmy Iovine, and Nine Inch Nails leader Trent Reznor are apparently also working on Beats Music.

This has caused conflict between the end goal for Beats Music and different features. Some Apple executives are also not happy the Beats executives were given such high positions in the company.

Apple may have to hold off Beats Music until WWDC 2015 in June, missing out on the Apple Watch launch in April. This means Beats Music will most likely come alongside iOS 9.

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