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Under Armour splashes the cash on two fitness startups

American sports clothing company Under Armour has announced the purchases of two fitness app makers and that it’s “creating the world’s largest digital health and fitness community”.

It bought the San Francisco-based MyFitnessPal for $475 million (£311m) and the Copenhagen-based startup Endomondo for $85 million (£55.80m).

As reports, Endomondo was bought earlier this month, while the takeover of MyFitnessPal is expected to be finished by April this year.

This is not the first time Under Armour went shopping. In late 2013, the company acquired Austin-based MapMyFitness, an app for the planning, tracking, analysis and sharing of workouts.

Endomondo is a mobile app that’s something of a virtual fitness trainer, which can integrate data from some of the popular fitness tracking gadgets on the market.

The company has around 20 million users, mostly from Europe:

"Endomondo has built an engaged global community of fitness enthusiasts, providing a strong technical platform for our users, while adhering to our core belief that social interaction and support are key motivators when it comes to getting fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle," Endomondo co-founder and chief executive Mette Lykke said in a release.

MyFitnessPal is something of a mobile weight loss app with 80 million users.

"At MyFitnessPal, user success is our true North," said MyFitnessPal co-founder and chief executive Mike Lee.

"Under Armour will bring vast health and fitness expertise and resources to our 80 million users to help guide them as they work to achieve their health goals."

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