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Big names flock to London's Wearable Technology Show

The biggest names in the wearable tech industry will come to London next month for the second Wearable Technology Show, planned to take place on 10 March.

The show will host some of the biggest names not only when it comes to wearables, but also technology in general: Google, LG, Intel and Samsung have all booked a place at the show for their speakers.

Over 80 exhibitors will be there, including the likes of Misfit, Jawbone and Withings, to show off their new devices.

The show follows on from Mobile World Congress (MWC), which will take place in Barcelona from 2-5 March.

A whole pack of new fitness gadgets are expected, along with VR which also seems to be a key focus of the 2015 show. Handy seeing as the Wearable Technology Show coincides with the Augmented Reality Show, also at the ExCeL.

“Last year, we launched the Wearable Technology Show when wearables had just started to enter most people’s consciousness and curiosity was on the up. The whole idea of wearables was new and fresh and inviting,” said John Weir from the Wearable Technology Show.

Wearable industry is growing by the minute, and the size of this show is yet another confirmation that 2015 will be the year of the wearable tech.

As wearables make their way into our lives, so does the event grow, and this year the event has doubled in size.

If you’re interested in attending the show, head over to the website and sign up.