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Is Google ready to push Project Tango into a commercial product?

Google's 3D-scanning camera, aka Project Tango, is no longer part of Google's experimental Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) division.

As the company announced over its Google Plus account, Tango is ready to move "to a new home within Google“.

"After two fast-paced years in ATAP, and many technical successes, the Tango team is transitioning from ATAP to a new home within Google,“ the company said.

The Independent thinks this means Google is selling the technology, and that it will be LG who will make a consumer-ready product.

"The move is likely to indicate that the technology could be on its way into consumer devices. Google is said to be working with LG to make a version of the technology that people can buy ready for release some time this year,“ The Independent writes.

Tango is a 3D scanner / camera. It started as a smartphone concept, in which people could use their phone's camera to map the world around them in three dimensions.

Those maps could later be used either for augmented reality or for 3D space modelling.

The technology has many potential usages: helping visually impaired people find their way through a building, mapping the house before buying new furniture, or creating something of an indoors Google maps thing.

Project Tango also has a Development Kit version, which allows developers to create apps using this technology.

One such app has been used in Tango stores before, to transform a shop shelf into an icy playground, just one demonstration of the potential Project Tango has.