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British Army to use interactive Kinect kiosk to fight Ebola

When Kinect is mentioned, the first thing you think of is likely gaming – and kicking invisible footballs into on-screen nets – but the motion controller has a lot more applications outside the world of entertainment.

And the British Army has found one such application, employing Kinect in a touch-free interactive kiosk for usage by possible Ebola victims.

The army is sending 800 personnel to help fight the spread of the disease in West Africa, and the kiosk will be part of this operation (called Operation Gritrock). Built by UK-based firm CDS, the Kinect-driven interactive pod will let possible victims learn about their symptoms via a gesture UI, avoiding contaminating the kiosk with sweat or other fluid which could possibly transmit the virus by touch. It will also provide info on possible care options.

The kiosk uses the Kinect for Windows v2 sensor and a customised Windows 8.1 app, the latter of which was developed using the Kinect API, with support from the Microsoft UK Developer Experience team.

Mike Collier, technical director of CDS, commented: “It is always gratifying to work on solutions that make a difference, and this project has certainly been a project to be proud of for all associated with it.”