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Next Google Glass will be ‘redesigned from scratch’

Less than a month after Google announced it would pull its Google Glass smart glasses from the market, the company has followed up with new and somewhat unexpected news.

As The New York Times reported, Google Glass' new boss Tony Fadell wants to redesign the headset "from scratch".

Besides, Fadell has no plans on releasing an experimental or development version of the new Glass device to the general public for testing.

As a matter of fact, it seems Google won’t be launching the new model until it is “perfect”.

Even though Google Glass was available for purchase at the price of £1,000, it was always only a prototype.

“There will be no public experimentation,” one adviser to Mr. Fadell told The New York Times. “Tony is a product guy and he’s not going to release something until it’s perfect.”

As we previously reported, Google abandoned Texas Instruments in favour of Intel for the processing power of Google Glass.

The product has been criticised hard. Many people claim the video recording feature is an invasion of privacy, and a lot of theatres and cinemas have banned the use of Google Glass for the same reason.

The headset was made from a single piece of titanium, meaning it could not be folded like a normal pair of glasses, and various reports claim that focusing on a screen so close to the eye caused headaches and disorientation.

Tony Fadell was the founder and chief executive of smart thermostat maker Nest Labs, which was acquired by Google a year ago.