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Twitter blames iOS 8 for the loss of users

An update to Apple's iOS 8 has caused Twitter to lose millions of users, says the microblogging website.

Twitter has been fighting some time now to keep its users and continue growing, but the latest growth figures have not been satisfying.

The company says some of the blame falls on the shoulders of Apple's update to the OS for iPhones and iPads.

An "unforeseen bug in iOS 8 as it relates to Twitter integration into the OS,“ is the reason Twitter lost four million users, CEO Dick Costolo said.

Even though four million might not sound much, when compared to a total of 288 million Twitter has – it's half the number of new ones that came to the site in the last quarter, The Independent writes.

The biggest issue lies in Safari's Shared Links feature, which shows a stream of links that people who the user follows have shared over Twitter.

This feature used to be updated automatically, but not anymore – it gets updated only when users open up the Shared Links window. If they don't use the feature – they're no longer in Twitter's numbers.

The fourth million of lost users are "Twitter-owned“, said the CEO, without further elaboration.

As The Independent suspects, those relate to users who updated to the new operating system but forgot their password or didn’t go back to Twitter.

Even though the growth numbers didn’t match expectations and have disappointed investors, Twitter has a fairly high revenue, which made the company’s shares go up 10 per cent.