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Nimbox enhances encrypted file sharing system

Nimbox (opens in new tab), a provider of privacy-focused corporate cloud backup and file sharing systems, has enhanced its encrypted file sharing system, Vault, to offer new and improved benefits to current and future customers.

Nimbox Vault is a team collaboration service, offering file backup, sync and share services.

Accessible via an online portal or through a desktop agent, Vault offers end-to-end encryption and an unmatched level of privacy – enabling user to work in the cloud without fearing a data breach.

The upgrade brings enhanced global file locking, the ability to configure backups of any folder on a PC or Mac from the ‘right click’ menu, customisation of email templates, and the ability to pause and resume sync on the desktop client.

Another major new feature is the launch of a plug-in for Outlook. This tool automatically converts files that are dragged and dropped into any email in Microsoft Outlook, and send them to the recipient via Nimbox Vault.

There is also an Attachment Policy tab to configure additional settings.

Thomas Chappelow, managing director at Nimbox, commented, “We believe in ‘privacy-as-a right’ for each of our clients. The upgrades made to Vault are there to not only make it the most secure system for your company, but also to make it the most accessible, and we are very pleased with the end results.”

Nimbox also offers a corporate email and desktop security services.