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Daily deal: TRENDnet 500Mbps Pass-Through Compact Powerline adapter £22.98

Today is officially "clean out your computer" day so maybe it's time to delete a few files and speed up your PC. For the daily deal today we've found the TRENDnet 500Mbps Pass-Through Compact Powerline adapter starter kit for £22.98.

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Powerline adapters transform your home or office's electrical network into one that can carry data, allowing you to provide a wired Internet connection to any where that has an electrical socket.

The TRENDnet 500Mbps Pass-Through Compact Powerline Starter Kit includes two TPL-407E 500Mbps adapters. The first of which will need to be attached to your router, the second you can plug in anywhere you want.

As well as providing speeds of up to 500Mbps the TPL-407E Powerline adapters also have a "power-saving" mode which promises to reduce energy consumption by up-to 80 per cent. The powerline adapters support up to eight adapters and includes 128-bit AES encryption that ensures your data stays your data.

One of the smartest design decisions is the inclusion of the electrical socket on the outside of the powerline adapter that means that you can plug in something even if the adapter is in a socket.

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