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Google Maps celebrates its 10th birthday

Google Maps has become the standard for many smartphone users as stand-alone GPS devices get replaced.

That doesn't mean it's the best, but it is certainly at or near the top of the list. Apple found out just how difficult this type of program can be to pull off, then invited the search giant back to its mobile platform.

Now the mapping program is celebrating its 10th birthday - they grow up so fast.

"If you hopped in your DeLorean for a trip back to before 2005, you’d remember the days when we were all dependent on paper maps, print-outs, post-its and sometimes even a compass for directions! Getting from point A to B is something we do all day, every day - from finding the fastest way to get to work, to dropping the kids off on a carpool route, to meeting friends for drinks at a new spot - so it should be as easy as possible", the Maps team states.

Google claims that it strives to provide the most useful and accurate maps available. That's rather necessary to prevent users from becoming completely disoriented.

Nothing is perfect of course, you won't be relying on it in the middle of a hike in a large national park, but for driving it certainly gets the job done.