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The Legend of Zelda TV series coming to Netflix

In a bid to pick up even more gamers, Netflix is partnering with Nintendo to create The Legend of Zelda television series in the coming months.

The project is currently in its early stages, with the two companies reaching agreements on pricing. No writer has currently been assigned to work on the script, which is a big ask considering Nintendo's rather energetic fan-base.

Netflix claims this will be the 'Game of Thrones' for children, meaning we might see more than one main character. This would be odd considering Link is the de-facto main character, although there are other recurring characters like Princess Zelda and Hyrule.

It might work similar to how Marco Polo—another Netflix's original drama—works, by having a central character (Marco Polo) but multiple primary characters that are shown outside of Marco's viewpoint.

It is unclear how realistic Netflix wants The Legend of Zelda TV series to become, and whether this will be a show purely for kids. This might tick off some of the mature audience, that wants to see an adult drama inside the Zelda universe.

Netflix has been investing heavily into original programming, with the third season of House of Cards coming on February 27, a second season of Marco Polo already paid for and more partnerships with comic and gaming companies.

It comes at a time where Netflix is also investing heavily in bringing its service to more countries, CEO Reed Hastings claims by 2016 Netflix should be in 200 countries.

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