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The new Raspberry Pi 2 is camera shy

The new Raspberry Pi 2 mini computer is very shy, and doesn't like its picture being taken.

No, it's not a living being and it's not shy, but it does have a very strange bug – whenever it gets its picture taken with a camera, and gets exposed to LED flash, it shuts down.

The weird bug was reported on the Raspberry Pi forums over the weekend, when one buyer reported his new computer's strange behaviour, asking Why is the PI2 camera shy?

Shortly after, a lot of other users reported the same bug, and one even posted a video of his Raspberry shutting down when he tried to flash it.

The problem was quickly identified: The Raspberry Pi's U16 SMPS chip - which forms part of the computer's power circuit – seems to be unshielded, making it very photo sensitive.

A simple working solution would be to place some Blu-Tack over the 'shy' chip.

The new Raspberry Pi 2 computer was released a week ago, and it's six times faster than its predecessor.

The new device has a Cortex A7 quad-core processor running at 800MHz, and a total of one GB of RAM – the double of what the first Pi computer had.

The computer was intended to run a Linux OS, but it can run Windows as well. Microsoft announced last week that it plans to give a free copy of Windows 10 to Raspberry Pi 2 owners who sign up for its non-commercial developers programme.

The price of the new Pi is around £25.