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OnePlus scrap 'invite only' smartphone purchase... for one day a week

The OnePlus One smartphone is now available for purchase in the UK, but that information comes with a little twist.

The One smartphone, from the Chinese manufacturer OnePlus, has first hit the market almost half a year ago, but could only have been bought with an invitation to do so.

And the invitation could only have been gotten from someone already owning the phone, so you might say the device was quite exclusive.

OnePlus has held infrequent open sales or pre-order events, but now everyone can buy the phone without an invite – every Tuesday.

The company’s director said they were looking for a way to make it easier for people to buy the device (I don’t know, maybe lift the invitation necessity?):

“Over the past few months, we’ve been exploring new ways of making the OnePlus One easier to purchase,” the company’s Global Director, Carl Pei, explained via a blog post. “Today, we’ve glad to announce that we’re making it even easier to buy the One.”

The potential buyers will still need an invitation if they want to get their hands on the phone any other day.

“As a young tech start-up, we’re constantly experimenting, iterating, and improving. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and coming with us on this journey.”

There are two price deals for the phone: the 16GB silk white OnePlus One costs £229, while you’ll need £269 for the 64GB sandstone black model.

The handset ships with a Snapdragon 801 chip running Adreno 330 graphics, 3GB of RAM, and 4G/LTE support.