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See Microsoft’s Work Assistant for Office in action (video)

As we had already heard at the end of last week, Microsoft is set to bring digital assistant Cortana to its Office suite – and now a video has popped up showing this in action.

The Work Assistant feature is driven by Cortana, and lets users employ voice commands to access their documents and perform other actions.

Some of the scope of this virtual assistant is shown in the YouTube video above (which was spotted by Windows Central) – click play and check it out.

The clip shows the Work Assistant being launched, and then the user performing a voice query, “search test document” – the assistant then springs into life and locates Test.doc.

It then goes on to show a search for a Status Report document, with the command “send my status report” being uttered, bringing up a list of contacts – the user then selects one, and Outlook pops up with the document already attached to the email.

This is all neat little time-saving stuff, and the Work Assistant is also a cross-platform affair, searching for docs across all your devices (from phone to PC, and your OneDrive account, of course).

The feature works pretty slickly right now, with some fast responses to queries, which is a good sign given that the software isn’t fully honed yet.