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Imgur drops its Pro subscription, goes full ad-centric

Image sharing website Imgur has announced it will be dropping its Pro subscription, following a distinct lack of Pro subscribers and growing ad-revenue.

Created six years ago as a service for Redditors to post photo links easily, Imgur has grown into one of the biggest image sharing services with 180 million unique viewers.

Imgur Pro was announced five years ago today, and featured the ability to store unlimited photos on the account, have multiple thumbnail options, utilise photo analytics and interact with the community through comments.

Now all of these features will be available for free, vastly enhancing the experience for hundreds of millions of users. This could make a big difference to user activity, if all of the community are able to comment on images.

It also shows the lack of value when locking content away in a subscription model, considering most use Imgur for the most basic functions.

Offering the more advanced functions for free will keep users on the site for longer and this will bring in more ad-revenue.

Imgur is also diversifying its features to allow GIFs—small video clips—to be created on the service. In the future we might see Imgur look into video and potentially other services, becoming a media center for the web.

Yahoo was reportedly looking into buying Imgur way back in late 2013 for $1.1 billion (£720 million), but failed to secure a deal with the image service. Imgur has continued to grow throughout 2014 and could be worth over $2 billion (£1.3 billion) now.

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