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Microsoft sends out MWC invites, new Lumia flagship imminent?

Microsoft has sent out press invites to its MWC event, with the mobile conference rapidly approaching – it takes place at the start of March.

Redmond’s press event will take place on March 2, which is a fortnight this coming Monday, starting at 8:30 CET (7:30 in the morning our time – so you’ll have to be up early if you want to watch it live).

What’s Microsoft going to reveal? That’s an unknown at this point, though a new flagship Lumia is long overdue, so the hope is that this will be the handset which has the wraps taken off. Redmond may want to keep that unveil to a separate event away from a big conference, though – and indeed the phone may not be nearly ready yet.

The invitation itself (spotted by C-Net) doesn’t give much away, as is traditionally the case – it features a hot air balloon floating along in the sky, with some clouds in the background, and the tagline is “come along for the ride”, which doesn’t appear to be a hint at anything much (save for the cloud – this is the new mobile and cloud-first Microsoft, of course).

With any luck, we’ll see the rumoured Lumia 1030 (a leaked image of which is pictured above, with the handset next to an iPhone 6), which is reportedly set to pack a 50 megapixel camera that could offer the best smartphone photography ever witnessed.

Windows Phone, though, is still struggling to attract adoption, and perhaps Microsoft’s best line of attack is the new unified devices strategy as seen with the Windows 10 reveal – though a super-camera certainly won’t hurt.

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