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Pay for gas at Shell with the PayPal app

Soon, all PayPal app users will be able to pay for petrol at Shell’s stations using their smartphones, the two companies have announced.

Shell has 1,000 stations, and on most of them users will be able to choose the station on their smartphone app, and then fill up the tank.

The receipt will then be sent to the smartphone. The customer never needs to leave the car at all.

The company tested the service in 2013 and is now ready to release it to the public. It will be available to Shell Drivers Club members from April, and later nationwide.

The app will be available for both Android and iOS powered devices.

Michael Hominick, Retail Marketing Manager at Shell UK, says: “Customers will now have the flexibility and convenience of paying without having to leave their car. Those who want to go in store and pay or purchase other items will still be able to, with the benefit of reduced queues.”

Rob Harper, Director of Mobile Commerce at PayPal UK added: “We’ve always believed people will use their mobile phones to pay if there’s a clear benefit.”

The PayPal app is usable in more than 8,000 shops and restaurants in the UK. In the country, the app has some 19 million active accounts.

In September 2014 PayPal announced it would be splitting from its parent company eBay, to become a separate publicly traded company.

The spin-off is expected to be completed sometime in the second half of 2015, with PayPal President Dan Schulman elected to serve as the company's CEO.