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Sony Xperia E4 unveiled boasting oodles of battery stamina

Sony has unveiled its new Xperia E4 phone, which the company claims offers a powerful battery, along with a fresh new design.

In general terms, Sony is making battery life a strong suit – a wise decision, as consumer surveys have indicated it’s a big priority for buyers, and indeed the Xperia Z3 offered impressive levels of longevity. The Xperia E4 has a 2300mAh battery which will last for two days, and there are the usual Sony Stamina modes on top of this.

The fresh design sees rounded corners, and a premium feel, Sony claims, with a textured surface – and design accents usually only present on higher-tier handsets like a diamond-cut aluminium power button, and stainless steel camera ring.

As for the core specs, the phone has a 5in display with a 960 x 540 resolution (yes, that’s rather low these days – but this phone will be wallet-friendly), and there’s a 1.3GHz quad-core CPU on board backed with 1GB of RAM. In terms of storage, there’s 8GB.

The rear camera is a 5 megapixel effort with HDR and a load of “fun camera apps”, and Sony has stuck with a lower-res 2 megapixel front-facer (many are upping the front camera to attract selfie fans – Sony does offer a dedicated selfie app, mind you).

Tony McNulty, VP of Value Category Business Management at Sony Mobile, commented: “With Xperia E4, we wanted to offer people some of the premium Sony features they have come to expect – with unparalleled ease of use – at a highly-competitive price point. With a simple setup, great screen and unrivalled two day battery life we’ve created an on-the-go entertainment device that will keep on going, wherever you are.”

The Xperia E4 will be available very shortly – the launch is pegged at mid-February – and we’ll find out exactly how cheap Sony is going with this handset then (a dual-SIM variant will also be produced, incidentally).