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Top ten apps to get you through Valentine’s Day

The most romantic day of the year is almost upon us, but there’s no reason for any man or woman to tackle Valentine’s Day alone, as there are a whole host of apps to help you safely navigate the swathes of balloons, chocolates and rose petals.


Those of you without a date for the big day needn’t fear as there's an easily accessible trough of singletons to be found on Tinder.

The matchmaking software was originally launched in 2012 and now boasts more than 20 million members. Those kinds of numbers should mean there’s something for everyone, but you might want to get swiping now as Valentine’s Day is fast approaching.

Love Quotes

If you do manage to secure a hot date but are worried about fluffing your lines, then perhaps Love Quotes is for you.

The app is simple enough, offering a selection of romantic phrases that range from cheesy to creepy to fit any situation. Just as a disclaimer, this one is probably best for long-term couples as a first date is not the best time to say: "If I had to choose between breathing and loving you I would use my last breath to tell you I love you."


Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest days of the year for the restaurant industry, so finding a venue that’s not fully booked can be a pain.

However, OpenTable provides online reservations at approximately 31,000 upscale restaurants across the globe, so you should be able to find somewhere nearby to suit you. What’s more, the app lets you filter by price, so whether it’s a cheap date or an expensive one, OpenTable has you covered.


If eating out isn’t for you, then why not try a romantic home-cooked meal for two?

Ocado will delivery everything straight to your door and also comes with a low-price guarantee, so if your shop comes to more than it would at Tesco, you’ll receive a money-off voucher covering the difference.

The app also has a special Valentine’s Day section, offering deals across flowers, chocolate and champagne.


Couple app

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Instead of clogging up your friend’s social media feeds on V-day, download “Couple,” so no one else has to see you proclaim: “I wuv u” or “you complete me.”

Couple allows you to connect just with your partner privately and lets you share to-do lists, calendars and photos and even experience a ThumbKiss.

Kamasutra Sex Positions Guide

If things start getting a little racy but you’ve used up all your best moves already, simply tell your partner to wait a second while you check your Kamasutra Sex Positions app.

The free version comes with 30 positions, but once you’ve mastered them you can switch to the paid version to unlock more. The app also comes with a progress bar letting you know which positions you’ve tried and how often.

Hotel Tonight

Spontaneity can add some much needed spice to a relationship, so why not decide to book a last-minute hotel-stay for Valentine’s Day.

Hotel Tonight lets you see which venues are offering the best discounts on their empty rooms and the easy three-swipe process lets you book a getaway in less than 10 seconds.

Date Escape

Sometimes it’s best to cut your losses and for anyone stuck in a date from Hell this Valentine’s Day, Date Escape lets you do just that.

Upon request, the app bombards your phone with fake texts and phone calls so you can more easily make your excuses and launch a speedy getaway.

Valentine’s Day Fun Facts

Nothing says, “You’re single” like downloading the Valentine’s Day Fun Facts app, but who needs romance when you’ve got useless trivia?

Plus, once you’ve absorbed all these interesting facts, you’re sure to be a hit with the opposite sex, because anyone who knows that “the first Valentine gift was sent by the Duke of Orleans to his wife, after he was captured in 1415,” is sure to be an interesting date.



First dates can be awkward at the best of times, but Fingle looks to break the ice by getting you to explore the intimate touch of each other’s fingers.

The two-player game will require you to come into close proximity with the other participant, so you might want to make sure those palms are dry.

However, the game’s creators admit that this might not be for everyone, as it could help kick-start an evening or make things “awkwardly close.”

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